Cosmic Crush

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This was a few months in the works, probably my most technically advanced game ever.

Hope everyone likes it, all instructions are within the game, enjoy!

questions / comments - bill.northcott |at| gmail.com


A flawed, but fascinating game.

First off, I love the idea of this game, and I loved the controls of this game, and I even love the simple yet charming graphics to this game, but I do not love the actual game. Here's why: in the first place, don't force me to go through a tutorial like that; give me a help page that cleanly and coherently explains the rules to me. Also, some cute space music is needed, because otherwise it's very lonely out there. The controls were awesome though, and I loved how you gained mass and could eventually pull other planets and stuff to you. Why don't you finish this game, give us a little more of a mission based environment, and for gosh sakes add some sound! I will hopefully see this in a repaired state at New Grounds.

Nice little game

Very cool, and very addictive, at times a little hard too, the graphics were very well done, sound fitted in well too, controls were also very easy to use and the use of star parrallex, was a nice touch, good work

me likey

graphics- liked the overall graphics of the planets and the grownth frm rock to planet

style- great gameplay

sound-sorry,didnt have sound on

violence- none but not 0 worthy

interactivity- nice gameplay but no interactivity


overall-great game,glad to have voted in the portal for you

I love you!

I've always wanted to play a game like this. It's fun and addicting, good job!

Original, but a little slow

I liked this game - it's a very interesting idea.

It would help a lot if the gameplay were a bit faster - it can be quite boring drifting through space for a minute or two trying to find the remaining asteroids to clear a level! This is really the only un-fun aspect.

Also, why does your planetoid slow down when you stop pressing any keys? There's no air resistance in space ;)

Otherwise, a nice piece of work. Your gravity simulation is particularly impressive. :)

Bi-Polar-Bear responds:

thought about that but it was honestly too difficult to play if you simply kept moving and never slowed down

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2007
9:51 AM EST
Skill - Collect