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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


This is my type of game... i like evolution :3 i hope to find bacterie evolution game on newground ..something that is similar to Spore but whit the choice of makin a underwater world.. Anyway i love take care of anything that can evolve ^^ if you make a Cosmic crush 2 i would play it . nice job :3


Controls are simple
Navigation is simple but requires patience
It does make you go. omg omg get away!!! when you get caught in a bigger planets gravitational pull.
Good game
Smooth play
Just repetitive

Fun for a little bit...

Essentially, each stage is the same, only with a swap of the colors of the planets.
Biggest stars all cluster in middle=makes huge inescapable gravity well.
There needs to be a minimap. Like, you could be flying around, avoiding bigger planets, while using the gravity to slingshot away then STAR OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE. You can't even change direction when you're moving that fast.
Also, not enough features. The second game had moons and comets, but it didn't keep the gameplay interesting enough.

Nice one.

It was fun and the idea was good, but it lacks complexity and length... Probably because you focused on the physics. Anyways, a sequel with a more active and lengthy gameplay (perhaps a greater variety of different objects with different properties[like neutron stars]) would be highly appreciated.

I like it

Now that's a cool game!