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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


I like this game, but just some things. You cant see big planets until its to late, and the game restarts even when i do not touch the planet, or maybe just to much lag. I also don't like when big planets are mushed together so i cant get away. I get mad when I am a planet, then I restart because of a different planet.

Nice Game

This is one of my favorite games. But it really needs a pause button

It was a lot of fun, but...

The fact that all the bigger stars and planets were clustered together was not cool. And the lack of a pause button was killing me. I'm playing at work and everytime I get close to beating a level, I have to go do something. It's a fun game though, besides those two things.

this was almost like tiny planet

well except tiny planet starts INSIDE earth


Very good game