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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


It's amazing, it's simple and it's not too hard overall a great game


What's up with all the big planets/suns hanging out together? >.<
quitte annoying, i diez al the time¬.¬
nice game nonetheless


xanatrix its your computer doofus if noone else is complaining about lag but you dont ya think its kinda your com thats a peice of junk and not the game?

Nice Idea, Level mode should have been longer

Nice Challenging pre-90s type game, but only 3 levels in level mode? Come on, I wanted to become a black hole and eat the universe. Lots of potential here that was unfortunately lost.

Could have been much better.

The game itself is a great idea, but unfortunately, the game suffers from a huge amount of input lag. From a starting position, when a level begins, I have to hold right, left, up, or down for more than 2 seconds before the planetoid begins moving, not to mention that it doesn't seem to let me move diagonally, and it takes another two seconds to change direction.

Tl;dr Great plan, poorly executed.