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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


So basically, it's "Fishy" but more annoying, because there's no indication of what will come up when you move around (a transparent mini map would really help) causing you to slam into planets you couldnt possibly have seen coming. The controls arent so good, and due to the gravity it's pretty much impossible to dodge a planet.
I died, various times just with that.
It's not worth the buildup. As I said, the screen is too annoying to navigate around.
Also, it's laggy, but I didnt cut points for that, it's just my shitty computer, sure wish it wasnt tho.

Bunch of stuff

Nice idea. A couple things could/should be improved:

1: Either make the window bigger so you can see more of what's coming faster, or make a minimap. Survival mode was impossible. Plus there are only like 3 pebbles in the entire map when survival mode spawns. I'm playing and I'm like "Oh boy I finally made it to a size 30+!" Then a giant star SPAWNS NEXT TO ME AND KILLS ME. Oh joy.

2: Remove friction. Yes, have a maximum velocity, but like when I'm moving and I let go, it shouldn't stop. This prevents me from setting up fun things where I spin around a sun for a while :)

3: Add black holes for fun :)

fun game

the level mode is set at a nice pace for growth but i find that the survival mode really needs a minimap. I've played it several times without getting more than a few pebbles before being sucked into an assortment of giant stars in the middle. It would be more fun like the level mode if you could stand a chance.

Needs something more

Maybe you should have pws for each level or have them unlock or something.

And possibally a multiplayer mode.

Great game though, addictive.

fine feel

I liked the feel, the magnetic field is really, really well done. Well in reality this stuff is totally impossible but the magnetism was quite real and the feel it had was god. Good job!