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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


Once you ge to the second level, it becomes almost impossible to survive because the big masses will pull you in from way off the screen.

Mixed feelings

I've been playing this game on and off for years, and my main issue is that all the planets like to group together. Sometimes it's near on impossible to finish a level because all the small juicy planets and asteroids are hiding behind a gas giant! Perhaps if other planets also had gravity that disallowed them to group together?

Strangely enough, I think the second Cosmic Crush exacerbated the problem.

It's good to me

I think it could use a few more levels.

P.S. When you are getting pulled in by the large groups instead of pulling away use there gravity for speed.

Almost perfect

I've but a single complaint. Starting on round 2, it's not the range of sight, or the lack of minimap, that requires correction. All of the gravitational giants are clustered together like jocks in a library. You feel a tug, and you're screwed. Because you've got about 8 planets pulling on you all at once.


this game is fun whith a challeng