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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


It's good. But like everyone else, it could be tweaked to be a bit better.

Great game!

Everything I would think that should be worked on has already been commented on: spacing of larger objects, maybe a mini-map, larger range of view.

I understand that you're supposed to take it kind of slow and wait to determine if you're being pulled by the gravitational force of a larger object but by the time you can see what you're being pulled by sometimes it's too late to get away.

Is it just me... or does the star look like an embryo?

Love the take on the usual collect/avoid game.

Gravity & Sight

I got to Level 3... but then I couldn't go any farther.
The gravity was too strong, and the amount of things smaller than me is about 1:90 (90 being stuff bigger than me).

Add more small asteroids, and larger range of sight, and your game will kick azz



Ive always liked cosmic crush... You really need to increase the range of sight though. It becomes impossible to escape some planets.

depends on luck

sometimes you can't evade bigger planets as you don't see far enought
and when 2 big planets in one area, it is almost impossible to escape the gravity