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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"

a little trick i found

this might help people who keep getting pulled into the planets

when you see 2 bigger planets that are pulling you in find a gap inbetween them and go top speed at the gap, ull go flying through

also if your not sure if the planet is bigger than you just go a bit close to it and if your bigger ull pull it into you


I'd suggest more levels and planet sizes as the games a bit to short, and to the people who are saying "i cant tell when theres a big planet nearby" just stop moving every once in a while, the planets that's gravity you cant escape will start pulling you in a long ways off so dont just speed around everywhere like a maniac planet

Good game, but few minor irritations

The main thing is searching for the little planets, while trying too watch out for the big planets, good game but needs something like a mini map or radar, moving slow so as not to crash into a planet felt like it was gonna give me Carpel tunnel syndrome, and it's a real let down after you've been drifting for a good 5 minutes, tediously gathering planets meteors and what not, only to crash because you can hardly see A giaint planet B4 it's too late


Brilliant game in all aspects, loved it!

Only thing that bothered me was the difficulty.


this game is alsome dude