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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"

Good, fun, but could use a *lil* help

This is fun. I totally got the hang of the controls pretty fast, they're pretty intuitive.
But I've just tried 13 times to beat LEVEL 2, and haven't yet gotten halfway through.

All the BIG planets/starts seem to group together in the middle area, and I feel like I get to the point where I've absorbed every planet on the screen that isn't bigger, except for one or two that are guarded by a squadron of Red-Supergiants. Seriously, do the other planets absorb each other & grow bigger while I'm flying around other parts of the map?

It's still fun, but I think it use some little boost to help the player get by difficult spots. Maybe even just a minimap a corner that shows your location relative to the map area.


you should make another one but next time add a map that shows only the larger planets. That would be awesome.

Nice game

I found the big dipper!!!


This game is pretty awesome, quite aggravating until you get a handle on the physics of the game. It'd be cool if your asteroid could grow into different things maybe eventually get large enough to be a star and even larger to explode and become a black hole. Not very accurate in terms of how these things are formed, but still. Add some story to it, make it a learning game too maybe? It's a lot of fun as is, but short.

Still great

Its been years since the first time I played this and I still find myself loving it.