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Cereus Peashy

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::::A POWERFUL PC IS RECCOMENDED. IF THE GAME RUNS SLOW SET QUALITY TO "LOW" AND SPECIAL FX TO "OFF" (in Options or the Flash Player right-click menu)::::

(c) 2007 Diverge Creations http://www.diverge.ws

Art/Animation by Edmund Mcmillen
Programming/Audio by Caulder Bradford
Special thanks goes to our team of testers and to Tom Fulp for sponsorship and also for programming the original Peashy prototype game!

Basic Controls:
A = Jump
S = Attack
Right/Left = Walk/Run
Down = Duck/Roll
Up = Look up
Enter/Escape = Pause
[more advanced moves and actions are taught in-game]

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epic game ever
sometimes i beat the game & sometimes i lost & have a crying peashy on my hands
& i also liked the challenges mode


Game still looks amazing. Very cool. I'm a fan of Edmund, and I recently created a new Newgrounds account (lost my old one) to rediscover some of my favorite old flash games. This game is so gorgeous that it holds up to some of Edmunds more recent work, artistically speaking. In terms of gameplay, he's certainly come a long way, but this game is fun for sure.

This is not a masterpiece of Flash platforming, in any sense. The hit detection and controls definitely border on below-average, though excellent animation, atmospheric music, and just plain creative characters and locales make this another classic entry in Bluebaby and RiftMaster's Badlands series.

im ben double killed own guy :DDDDD

SOOPER Awesome!!!

It's a really fun and challenging game, I hope you keep making games as good as these!