Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"


You had to start all over whenever you died. No bueno.


wow,this game is awesome.a little hard but awesome.i love the welting boss

Easily Frustrated

I can't say the idea is original, seeing as it was kinda reminiscent of a Yoshi platformer, but that's not my issue with the game. I think it'd be far more enjoyable if the controls were more precise. The Peashy slides around way too much for my taste (and I find that pretty ironic since he's running on sand). It's not so bad when on the ground; it's when he's airborne that it's a disaster. I find myself having to slow down every time I have to jump on an enemy or a cactus tower because if I don't, he goes flying over the target, usually to his death. A little less momentum next time? Also, I find the wall-jumping a bit difficult, either because the directions aren't very clear or because that also needs some tweaking. Other than that, it has the potential to become a good game.

Look out...

There's a glitch on chapter 1-5. When you come to a bowl shaped valley you can accidently fall through the walls and off the screen. You don't die until you've fallen past the scenery so it doesn't look like that was intentional...beware.

nice but...

good game but WAY too hard!