Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"

WTF!? and good game

theres this part in ch. 1-5 that keeps making me fall even though it looks like normal ground(BTW this is a good game).


i have to agree with osopolvo. check points would be good, but otherwise fun game


its okk...

beautifully done game

REALLY could use some checkpoints, tho... otherwise a 10!

Another challenging game!

This is yet another game set in the same Weltling world, and it like the others is somewhat challenging. The controls are simple and intuitive, although jumping is quite a chore occasionally, as the collision detection with the ground elements is quite dodgy sometimes. On more than on accasion my Peashy fell through a floor after landing on what seemed to be a very solid surface.

Stil, this game is well worth a playthrough, as the story is quite enjoyable, and along with the other games in the series, paints quite a dark and disturbing world.