Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"

I finally beat it...

Nice graphics, music and everything... a little slow even with the low graphic quality and the sfx off.. but in general a great game...
keep up the good work.

Nice and hard

It was mainly great. The only things i couldnt with was that the game is really hard. Or maybe it was just me? Nice work anyways.

Very fun

very fun game decent length and interactivity

Great Game, Just gotta rant at the morons.

This game was made beautifully. Ran smooth as a babies butt on my computer. Just gotta shout at some of the morons who said "ran sluggishly on my p4 3+ ghz etc..." Since when does processor speed have anything to do with a computer's framerate and interpretation of visual data? if this game runs to slow for you I strongly suggest you go get a RAM upgrade and stop worrying about processor speed. Seriously, this game ran perfect on my 2.4 ghz p4 and 1024MB RAM.


Graphics, sound and animation - perfect. Unfortunately, the grayish green guy is just too sluggish, which turns the gameplay from 'challenging' to 'tedious'. And no, it's not the fault of my computer, it's just as unwieldy on the P4 3 GHz with low quality and no effects.