Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"


You know this game is good! only thing is that ive played thousands of games like this and it gets boring after a while...
Btw, the graphics and the style is really cool!

(i didnt care about that im tired of this kind of game when rating of cuz! :)

Peashy is OUT!

...and I was lucky enough to be when it was released. Played it, loved it. It's a damn shame that detailed games can't be played in full quality, even on my intel core 2 duo. It went a bit slow even on low quality and turned off special effects and because of that, I found it a bit boring at some parts. I hope you release a downloadable executable version on your website as with Viviparous Dumpling.
Music is also very fun and fits the game nicely. Overall, good work!


Love the graphics, but i didnt get to listen to sound :( cant turn sound up right now. The game was all around good except for the sluggish movements. It feels like im trying to play a game with a ping of 300 lol. Other than the sluggish movement its an amazing game. Goin on my favs!

Looked great, bit sluggish

Graphically it was one of the best games I've seen in a while, everything was very well drawn with a great feel and texture to it. I'd love to be able to draw like this.

The game itself was fun in a standard-platformer kind of way. Ran a bit tooslowly for my liking, but not everyone likes a fast game.

Lots of effort had clearly been put in, I hope it pays off. Looks like a possible front page to me. Nice work, 8/10.

great game

but its way too choppy, almost un playable. tweak it up a little dude and you got yourself a good platformer. and the controls are kinda shaky