Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"

Good game... but you fucked up alright...

only 2 hits till death? really? and why the hell do you have to hold up to wall jump? and why cant you kill those little flying things the expand into deadly spiky crap? i mean really man... same thing with the shit-shooting cacti. and wtf? this cactus "hero" can only hurl a little nail every three seconds? just make everything generally more easy and you might get more positive feedback.

It cood do with improvements

But over all it was a ok game

Good game. Bad health system.

Well... I haven't even gotten past the first level because I'm that bad at the game. I keep forgetting I have only like two hits before I die. But overall I am liking the game so far. Pretty good graphics, the gameplay is still fun (Even though you die easily.)So I'm going to rate this 8/10.

god but you die way too easily

just plain needs updating, and better health

good stuff

a very fun game with smooth graphics
and to notmeatwad: You can't give a game a low score just cuz you're computer isn't good enough to run it