Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"

good but

add more health if you make a sequel

Not Bad.

It's hard, but fun.

the best game of badlands!!!

very good geme,apears the most importants creatures of badland. the sadly thing for me is my computer,is so slow in all the qualitys but not´s important. cereus peasy and tri-achnid are my favorite games!!!

have loved 4-ever Thank You!

i have loved this game ever since i firct found it on a difrnt sie, long b-4 i ever had a newgrounds account, im glad i can finaly thank you directaly for makeing this glorious game!


and as with all gods, they need to make the universe alittle more eadsy for there loyal minions. i am talkin, of course, about CHECKPOINTS!

other wise this game made my eyes bleed with pleasure. please keep up the good work and add to your ever-expanding badlands series. also,i reccomend an animaaated series about a peashy or welting and an adventure sequel to host.

why am i writing the=is in letter format? do you even read these?