Reviews for "Cereus Peashy"


music is good and sound. controls and gameplay good.
1. you get stuck in between objects and have to restart.
2. You get stuck behind an object that you cant jump over
You really need to improve on your games, good art and music isnt gonna cut it

Sorry but,

the concept is great. Execution, not so much. Most of the platforms that you can land on are poorly constructed. If you don't land right in the middle of it , you fall through. The character controls are off and the game its self is repetitive and kinda boring. Try it again.


I cant believe this got to big score.. The game could use some checkpoints,more lives and yea a bit harder like for player to be able to choose easy mode.. 2/10 because of cute drawing..

i like it

but i agree with everyone

cute drawings don't make up for horrid gameplay

drawings are very cute, music is good, but the gameplay is not well thought out:
1. Terrain is highly confusing. how come you can walk past some cacti but not others? why does the drawing of the platform extend beyond what i can stand on? this makes the game "hard" but mostly it makes it retarded.
2. The game is too hard. Too hard as in you pretty much have to memorize what's coming ahead in order to get by it. How else am i supposed to land on a narrow floating platform below me when I can't look down and i have barely any control in the air? I have to die trying first, memorize where the platform is, and try again. And the character is hard to control, which in itself is not a bad thing, but combined with all these flaws it makes for a overly-difficult and unfun game. Some checkpoints would help, but that wouldn't eliminate the die-memorize-try again aspect of the game.

All you can do is hope you're lucky enough to get beast mode so you can hear that cool sound and throw exploding body parts