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jazzy jones

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Author Comments

Well, this is my first flash submission to newgrounds. Everyone I showed this game to really liked it, so I’m sure you’ll really like it too. I’d like to give special thanks to my flash teacher regie, for teaching me flash. And for Dylan chapin for making the main intro music for the game.

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wow, this was a very good game!

when i first heard of the game ''jazzy jones'', it was on late 2013, when one of my friends in the CC forums told me about it. i played it back then, and it was funny.
however, i was active in some collabs/flash projects, and i eventually forgot to review this great game.
how foolish of me!
this game is a really nicely programmed, funny, and well-designed game, with simple visuals (simple drawings), but with VERY GOOD actionscripting in it.
its really hard to implement good game mechanics in a flash game, especially when this game is a ''quick reactions'' type of game.

i usually dont like ''quick reaction games'', because they often get frustrating and too fast-paced for my tastes, but your game of jazzy jones was very good.
it had checkpoints at each level, which was the MOST important part, since those games NEED to have checkpoints, otherwise the whole gameplay would be annoying and hard to beat, and it would make it an unpleasant experience overall.

but you have added a very good ''checkpoint'' feature that remembers your progress, and with each completed level, you move onwards into a new level, and you are facing many new and exciting challenges that lie ahead.

(so, for example, even if i will fail in level 4, i will always be able to start again from level 4, the same level on which i will be playing into.)

i defeated all of evil fred's army, and i escaped from all of his henchmen, which resulted in me reaching level 6, the final level, in which i had to fight VS the evil swordsman, evil fred himself! (gasp!)
the final fight was nicely drawn, funny and very nicely orchestrated, especially with that epic ''final boss'' music that was playing in the background.
also, the reaction times where fair, and if i failed at one point, thankfully the game remembered my progress, and it restarted from the final level's checkpoint, and not before that point.

i quickly defeated the final boss, evil fred, and peace was restored in jazzy jone's town, animal city.
i liked the whole game, it had GREAT actionscripting, a funny story, cute visuals and a nice coherent layout overall.

also, it had great music. all of the level songs, especially the FF VII song, and the chrono-trigger songs were awesome. those were some nice techno beats, man!

its a very good game, and i can see why many people from the CC supported it.
its cool, cute and funny.

you make good games, and if this was your first flash submission ever, then i can tell that you will become a very good flash game-maker in the near future.

you are good, so stay cool, and keep up the good work! 10/10

Holy sweet mother of god...

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Perfect physics, perfect music, awesome sprites! I LOVED the Sonic the Hedgehog song remix!


oh-so-epic. i think i just shat myself from witnessing too much awesome.

Holy Monkey Feet

I am not worthy of this game's awesomeness


the third level song is worth the incredibly crappy game before it. i just die in the third level to listen to the song over again. great song.

Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2006
12:34 AM EDT