Reviews for "jazzy jones"

This game rocks.

I really like the game. The controls of the cat made me laugh. I really enjoyed trying to press keyboard buttons quickly. I beat Fred the evil.


By far the best game I've played in my entire life.

Even better then Warcraft.

Deserves #1 of all time.

The best game I have ever played

This has to be the best and most action packed game I have ever played EVER on newgrounds. I dare say that this game surpasses all others in quality, and brings out the ANIMAL in me when I play it. So much so, you feel a sense of excitement when even thinking of the game! The buttons! The music! It's an awe inspiring story about a can on a mission, just trying to defeat the evil Fred.

The game should be beyond the 12 spot, it deserves to be on top.


this is insane ... it got to the 12th spot on the top 50 ... I don't know how but it is haha anyways the game was fun finished it on my first try ;)


Words cannot describe how much I love this!