Reviews for "jazzy jones"

THIS....THIS is a true video game!

Graphics: Oh my god, it's beautiful! The cat is so damn detailed, and the stages make PS3 games seem cheap and last-gen.

Style: Jazzys epic day had me going for more! The enemies, so epic... I am very glad I have played this game, I now have a purpose in life.

Sound: It was as crisp and clear as a waterfall, pouring down into awsomeness. The jumping, like the wind swirling up into a tornado. Jazzys meows, like a chorus of angels!

Violence: Put away your Mortal Kombat, guys! Jazzy fights some badass enemies, and gets in some hard shit.
And remember this, YOU control his awsomeness! This is just ONE of Jazzys epic days.

Interactivity: You have to protect Jazzy by pressing buttons. Every button is like a story to be told, and you revealing it!

Humor: "Comedy Central" my ass! If they had Jazzy Jones, then say goodbye to Carlos Mencia!

Overall: The best game I have ever played in my life. Thank you, Jazzy Jones, you have givin me a purpose...


The graphics may not be top-notch, but everything worked out very well in the end. I love the red angry faces in the thought bubbles! I also really like the song choices, in particular the one from Kirby.

Outstanding game.

This game was amazing. Truly a masterpiece of 2007. Work on sound next time and this could get the number one spot!


wow now this was a game among games, a powerhouse of a title i must say, the challenging levels, charming hero, clean and detailed graphics, damn i must say i wouldn't be surprised if this got picked up and ported to a few consoles. all my five are belong to this. :)

zOMG. You own my life.

This game > Life.
You sir are brilliant at flash.
Please submit more into the top #50