Reviews for "jazzy jones"

This is the best game EVER.

I love the gameplay, I Just had to play it again and again, I will add this to my favourites, Sure, The graphics aren't the best, But who gives a fuck really?
This is a classic, I love you for making this.


If that game were any better, my pc would impload. Just well done on the superb game. I inspire to make a flash just as awesome as that.
I can't wait until the sequel! My favourite part was the shiny backgrounds =] *thumbs up*

Is this some sort of joke?

I'm very confused... People are writing reviews about them believing that this is the "best game ever". Was this a prank of some sort? I think it's a pretty cool game, but it does not deserve this much praise! At one point, this was in the top fifty of all time?! That's just silly! The graphics are beginner level, and there are a multitude of spelling errors.

I honestly could not do better myself, but we newgrounders appreciate honest quality, not people creating alternate accounts to get to the top by voting for themselves. Yup, I've found you out. You can't trick me, I know this flash isn't THAT good.

My advice? Practice your spelling and drawing, and most importantly, don't create accounts to vote for yourself. It's not cool. Have a sense of morality, please!


I loved the game, the simple graphics perfectly complement the simple game concept.

really addicting gameplay, hope your sequel kicks just as much ass!


This game right here should be the #1 spot in the top 50.These are true testimonials
This game was so awesome chuck norris literally quivered in fear and shit himself