Reviews for "jazzy jones"


one of the best games


It is a rare day indeed that a mere flash video-game arrives out of the rubble to evoke such a overwhelming groundswell of support and unwavering unanimous reverence amongst the most elite of Flash connoisseurs. It is rare to have such a masterful tale of tribulation and triumph woven in front of our eyes as if by the dexterious hands of a master painter; in brush strokes of Actionscript and vector artwork we are hopelessly lost; grasping at escape, while the tanks and bombs slowly consipire towards our demise.

We are at the mercy of the adventure, and yet -- we in control. Jazzy confides in us, and he appeals for assistance in his greatest times of need. We and the arrow keys are Jazzy's companions on his imperative quest to free the Animal City and rescue his people from a certain doom. Jazzy is brave, undoubtedly, but he realizes that he cannot do battle alone. He, and - we - must rely on our most trusted allies in times of dire conflict, and this story does well to remind us of this virtue: Together, united, we can overcome the worst malfeasance of humanity, and create a better future for those that may journey past us, and right the memory of those who have fallen.

Much as Jazzy Jones overcame a host of nefarious consiprators, we must all inevitably confront our own demons and obstacles every day. We may not need perfect timing and usage of the spacebar, but after watching, participating and reflecting on this masterpiece we will hopefully have gained the fortitude to face our own Fred the Evil.

This masterwork will not be forgotten.

I get it; but,...

Funny play on the genre; but, I feel like it could have been better?

Just... wow!

This is a spectacular piece of Flash, the likes of which haven't been seen since the middle-ages, I am literally stunned by the entertainment of this masterpiece!


A flash with such seduction, such allure, such sexually enticing plotlines has never graced this earth, I bow to thee.