Reviews for "jazzy jones"


totally deserves to be in the number one spot man, not far left though, the graphics weren't the best thing i ever seen but they were enjoyable, the music was top notch altough when i died one time in level 3 the music kept going and a new one started so i got a little confused, some of the animations weren't perfect either but it definately shows effort, it may not be the best scripted or best animated flash game i ever seen, but it definately has the biggest heart, and that my friend is more important than all of that other shit

i also liked the rainbow car :D

and to all of you complaining that this doesnt deserve top 50, well it obviously does, the top 50 is based on what newgrounds members vote about movies and if you dont like where a movie is, maybe you should go somewhere else.

keep it up, i would love to see a sequal

This is the best game ever

The graphics are excellent, the Rainbow Truck is the best boss ever, and everything is done excellently! I hope you come back with a sequel to this epic game.

Also, you deserve your spot on the Top 50 of all time, everyone should play this game.


Quite good indeed but I don't understand that people is enjoying sooooo much this game... Many persons seem to are alive thanks to this game... I don't get it. Did you create a hundred akkount just to give you good ratings?^^

No, just joking, you didn't. Keep up the good work


this game didn't really get to me i didn't like it, it looked like a drawing of a 5 year old the animations were crappy, and the sounds are to repetitive. The thought behind it is ok, a bit of a QTE system just like in Shenmue, but this could have been better. I'm sorry but i wasn't impressed the least.

This is the meaning of life.

There was a time in my life when I was always sad and depressed. I continuously committed suicide because I hated life so. The winter was so cold that I had to burn my newborn child just to stay warm.


This game is the meaning of life. I do not dare to think where I would ever be without this game. Thank you for bringing joy back. Thank you for thousand years.