Reviews for "jazzy jones"

Jazzy Jones Changed My Life

I was crying one night and looking up ways to kill myself online, when I stumbled across Jazzy Jones. I now spend at least 12 hours a day playing it and I am glad to be alive. This is truely the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of history itself. It saved me from myself. I think God bestowed power on Jazzy Jones.

very good

a+++ I know every pilot in the world

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every day this movie.

you fan 1#

This game..

Few people have been able to perfect the art of game-making. This is an example of the dieties.

A game for the ages.

Is this the greatest cat adventure game ever made? I can't think of one that did better. Modern game programmers like you pay attention to what the public really wants in a game. Cats, explosions, and being told which buttons to press. This game ROCKED. I hope to someday play a sequel.

This gaming masterpiece had real suspense as well. How the hell is anyone supposed to deal with a truck on two wheels? When was the last time you've seen someone jump a ravine on a unicycle? What's Fred the Evil's deal? Is animal city even located on Earth? My Compaq TFT500 monitor with it's crystal clear 2.1 VBL pro sound system became larger than life while playing this.

I cannot possibly give this game a high enough rating. The code alone is amazing, considering the medium in which this game was made. Simple yet beautiful. Get a clue, Sierra/Origin/Activision!

Mu Rating: One million/10. I am playing this game now, almost a year after its release, and I would rather play that than the average piece of shit game being released today.