Sonic - Twinkle Park (Remix)

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A Trance Remix Of "Twinkle Park" From "Sonic Adventure"

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Actually it is a remix. The one you're referring to is slightly different and also doesn't have the beat that this one has.

Anyways, this is definitely a really cool theme. I use it as a workout song.

such a cool theme i listened to it alot it's really good.

NIC3 W0RK 0N !T XD(nice work on it)

who care what "biolizard1221" said its AWESOME XD
I gave it over 1,000,000,000,000,000 vote on that song :D

ummm, this isint a remix

if im correct, this is the entrance (the go-karts not the entrance stage) to sonics twinkle park (the actual park) and you just ripped the sound straight from that, you didnt do anything to it. though, i will admit, nice job sneaking this past sega (though you did nothing to it)

so 7 cause you got it past sega/sonic team but its not a remix


epic man nice work!