Aqua Life Episode #6

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*Edit - Thanks for making #6 Daily Feature guys!*

To understand the bizzare twist keep reading!
So this episode starts off with Steve's explaination of why he came back from the 24-7 without the beer he claimed to get... and wackyness ensues.
I do want to go on the record by saying yes I know this episode goes way off on a tangent, but the real truth is that I was having a terrible time doing Doug's voice every time I recorded it... it always sounded different. So I had to come up with a way that I could change his voice all of a sudden. I kinda played on the idea that actors some times blow hissy fits because they want to get their way. And again I know how short this one is... but I like to keep my audio around 64kb, and I also like to use a lot of it.
Other than all this... thanks for watching as always and leave me some reviews!


From First to Last

Ok, i've just watched the first episode to the last. This is awesome! when is the next installment coming out? I like this series!!!! ^_^


how did u do it ur a flash god that was alsom i havent sen the first six but im gonna watch em now u serisoly show that not all newground portal entrys have to suck some gay fag balls

soo funny!!!

I apologize for the low score, there wasnt anything higher than this...soo funny hahaha keep it up!! *note: highly reccommended*

shampawnya responds:

But you gave me a 10.... OH I GET IT! Oh you, witty you! Thanks!

Man what a jerk

man that last guy doesnt understand comedy when he sees it but keep it up!

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plz come out with the 7th one

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Mar 2, 2006
10:16 AM EST
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