Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"



Man what a jerk

man that last guy doesnt understand comedy when he sees it but keep it up!

not my type

Swearing 24-7 isn't the funniest thing to man kind. Also it isn't exactly hilarious with swearing if the same word is repeated over and over again. I know fish are meant to be retarded, but if a fish can talk it should know some better lines. Give the fish a script please! MoooO

shampawnya responds:

...um.... NO! You obviously didn't watch the director's commentary: "I CREATE THE RULES OF YOUR FANTASY WORD!" and I say fish do swear like saliors! :P

lol fuckin awsum!

cant wait 4 the next 1.(seriously finish rite now then get 2 wrok on #8)

Great series!

Funny stuff no doubt. How'd you remember a gem like "Jem"? I'd never have remembered that bit of cartoon trivia. I busted out laughing, literally.