Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"

Another funny piece of flash man!!!! :lol:

The only thing I love more than anything that happened in the decade of the 1980's (which happens to be the decade of which I was born) is people who make fun of anything that happened in the decade of the 1980's (except for me being born!) Also, I love how you quickly changed that one fish's voice right off the bat. It's so totally random! And so totally funny! You definetly got to keep up the great work! :D

wow another great episode from god!

Hey man great episode once again love the commentary you crack me up everytime keep up the good work.

I love canadians.

I play world of warcraft too much, half my guild is canadian i'm pickin up the "accent" if you will. anyway. I liked it, not as funny as the ones that came before it, but still great. make more, ill watch'em and i think the commentary, is hilarious. :) Later!

Pretty cool

Eh, not my favorite. Lipsync was like a frame or two off. The fight scene was cute. It wasn't entirely funny but amusing. All I can say is... cute ^^ It was very cute.


Why is this hitting front page; a month or so afterwards? Now I do think it hit front page then too though.

shampawnya responds:

Actually I also would like to know the answer to that qustion... except this one actually didn't make the frontpage back then.