Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"


This is freaking awesome man, keep up the good work;)

good! i liked it

2 the reviewer majinka, i would like 2 add that the animator of this flash IS OLDER THAN U!!!! so don't call him a 12 year old, and don't make fun of other peoples flashes unless u can make 1 yourself.

O u just got served!

I want my 3 minutes back

Because that's as much as i could take.

This is nothing but SHEER GARBAGE that takes itself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY...

Damn it, i kept watching cus i thought it'd get funny or something, but NOOOO...

Crappy ass series.

shampawnya responds:

Hmm... interesting... I'd have to say that most people don't share your point of view... considering that I have several portal awards... and you... don't have a single submission. Besides, if you really as old as your profile says... you shouldn't get too excited and blow a valve in your ancient heart. That would hurt I bet.

soo funny!!!

I apologize for the low score, there wasnt anything higher than this...soo funny hahaha keep it up!! *note: highly reccommended*

shampawnya responds:

But you gave me a 10.... OH I GET IT! Oh you, witty you! Thanks!

Haha, this is very underated.

Maybe you should get at least a 4.something. Anyways back to the flash, i thought it was awesome!! I always loved your commentary, its so funny =D. Keep making more, i love all your flashes. Hope to hear more from you.