Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"


AWESOME! ...but seriously people... WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF?! killer seahorses... evil scrubmarines... 2-D fishing games... PINK TOILET PAPER!? its genius! its funny! its 10/10!

i like dougs old voice!

the new one is faggy,so is steves!

Meta-humour. Ah-so.

Loved the concept of the start, loved the hissy-fit, felt the hand-lotion scenes could have been shortened, loved the end and enjoyed the commentary.

If Doug's voice was faggy, what about Steve? Eh? Eh? I'm surprised Doug didn't point that out, even if only to piss Steve off.

Anyways, awesome stuff. I'm looking forward to #7 now.

I'm guessing you really make these up as you go along, eh? There's not exactly much continuity in the main episodes anyway.

Well, hope everything goes well with the family and stay funky.


i never knew fish were so damn funny good job

oh man

stoner-isms... bwahahaha ok...so...i watched the whole series at this point...i love it can't wait for #7