Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"


loved every minute
is there relly gonna be a episode 7 id love 2 see it
thts some great work u av there


pretty fluid graphics and the story line was still pretty funny. Little random but it was easy to follow. I am currently checking out other episodes now...way to go :O

Funny stuff

That was hilarious i really liked it the sounds were in perfect time and the graphics were also good and it ran smoothly. I really like the series and cannot wait for the next.

Yo, Kung-Fu Glodfish man!

Yo, that flash was pretty good, about as phunny as the last one, a masterburating fish! If you were smoking sum good Bud you would be laughing 4 years! There wasn't much Kung-Fu in this flash, but it was pretty funny listening to the bitching Goldfish! Good flash, smoke sum Grade-A Bud, put on sum Hand Lotion & watch! Fu skinhead88!

eh McFuzz

dont be a homo!!! ya the flash got a little side tracked there... still good but not as funnay as the previous ones. looking forward to #7