Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"


This is a great movie, I think it is one of the best aqua life episodes although it is not an official episode. The graphics, as usual, are very good, the charecter design and the background are very well drawn. So as the objects. The style of the movie is also pretty good, the directing is fantastic, and the humorous atmosphere you built donates a lot to the humor of the movie. The sound is now a lot better, the bubbles are now a lot better. I also like the new voice that orange fish has... The kung-fu fight you put in the beginning of the movie was very good for a flash kung-fu movie, although he is a fish. As usual, the script was hell funny, too bad it was short. I like your directors commentary, it is always really funny. Anyway, it is a very good movie, well done.

This series keeps getting better and better!

Ninja Seamonkeys of doom, that is pretty cool. Too bad the Seamonkeys had to die. :( This flash is really hilarious! My favorite parts were the Ninja Seamonkeys of doom, the Hand Lotion, the Faggy voice, and how Steve know how to do Kung-fu. The Creativity in this flash was really good. I can't wait for Part 7 to come out! This flash was funny and I enjoyed watching it. Awesome work!

PS: Seamonky Lives!


Good but...

Good jokes but dragged abit near the whole complaining bit but was good definately good but just seemed abit boring in the middle...good job!


Hello what.

oh yeah dont do a directors commentary when high just because. Isms huh? So its not the official episode, then why not entitle it "Aqua Life The Secret Missing Episode" Also it needed more variety of offensive words than fuck. Finally stay away from the creator talks to the characters hopefully this is the last time (because waterman made it stupid here on ng).

shampawnya responds:

Don't worry, I don't plan to have the creator talk to the characters anymore. It's also refreshing to see that at least one person would like to see a wider variety of offensive words... most people just complain there is too many. So why is it not entitled the "Secret Missing Episode"... Let's just say, as you pointed out, I did the commentary while not in the best frame of mind.... I got a TAD off-track, a good juxtaposition with the episode's plot, no?

a solution

maybe you should have some characters who curse, and others who dont.

not much happened in this episode, except the kung fu part.

the comentary is a good addition.

shampawnya responds:

Actually... The Producer didn't... neither does Greg or Bob in the previous episodes... No worries though, in #7 I am introducing Steve's younger "Geekier" brother Warren... I don't think he'll swear at all. Thanks for the review!