Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"


funny as hell..keep it up..

when you puase the music keeps playing.


I think that every Aqua Life episode is AWSOME, but:
1) In 6th part there wasn't warning at beginning.
2) Normal fish CAN'T blink, and don't do that :).
3) It was funnier with this "awwwwww" of disappointment at the end.
4) Why there is only one female fish, and why she have to be pink :)?

oh man

stoner-isms... bwahahaha ok...so...i watched the whole series at this point...i love it can't wait for #7

fucking hilarious

9 stoner-isms lol


I love your entire series, the animation, comedy, all that is an amazing part of what you do. When is the 7th episode coming out? I keep waiting for it and it's still not here :'(