Reviews for "Aqua Life Episode #6"

Love this serie

The ending was a great treat...... after seeing all these episode, I can't help but wonder what my fishes are thinking. Very good and creative work.

Any more????

Please dont tell me that this is the last one! I was becoming so fond of them!

shampawnya responds:

Actually no... It's just taking a friggin' long time to get the motivation to do number 7.

Good job

This movie is pretty sweet. I like thr entire series acually
and the voice acting is great. (Not faggy at all). 10/10

holy shit they were cool

they were some of the best anamations ive seen on newgrounds dude u got to make some more keep them funny though


Well, you're right, this episode was indeed very random and somewhat unexpected, but it was still funny, although not quite as funny as the last couple of episodes. The commentary was pretty weird, and the intro was again pretty cool. I like the change to Doug's voice though, as it did sound rather faggy. I figured there would've been another episode by now, though. Make some more.

shampawnya responds:

Well to answer the question I've been asked a few times now is... I hit the proverbial creative wall... and am struggling to get up the drive to finish number 7... soon I promise.