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3D Frogger

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LAG PROBLEMS download flash 8 beta
Right-click to bring to low quality.

CAMERA ANGLES: It's FLASH for gods sake. I expiramented with all sorts of camera angles. This one turned out to be the best. I'm sure you'll get used to it. Flash is meant for 2D, not 3D. This is the best it will get.

WOW Quickest frontpage EVER! Barely out of judgement!

Scripting + 3D graphics: Glaiel Gamer
2D Graphics: THe Mercenary

I'm giving NG a treat and releasing this awesome 3D game a day early, even before it goes on my site! Now That's a treat.

Everything done in flash. 3D engine written by ME, 3D programming written by me. The 3D engine I wrote is available for download in the NG BBS in the Flash Forum.

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very funny frog

i was expecting something quite different, given how old the game is. mind you, given things like Unity to work with in this day and age now, there's a whole "new level" to expect, i still wasn't expecting this to be THIS DAMN GOOD. i can't stress that enough....

although i did notice that it looks like froggy got some extra "3D shading" that the other art was neglected--rather makes it look like a spotlight is shining on the poor guy (or someone is trying to burn him with a magnifying lense...)--the art is crisp and nice. the overall look, combined with the music, though not jaw-dropping, is nice and light. and even though i did have a little bit of trouble getting used to the sense of distance (and a couple of strange instances when i jumped back to my death in a spot i should have been completely safe in), i could easily see myself plunking a good hour or so into the game without even realizing it. it really is that fun.

(better yet, i don't have to blow any extra quarters on it. say goodbye to the penny arcade....)

no esta mal pero es pasable

Whats the song name? And i love the game!

This was a pretty strange game. The frog himself was 3D, but everything else wasn't. I have to admit, that is pretty creative. The funny thing is that I had a heck of a lot more trouble with the logs than I did with the cars. In fact, I could pretty much jump in a straight line over and over to avoid the cars! It was good to get a really good view of what was going on.

The sounds were pretty good too. I'll never understand how you can have a game where a frog drowns. I guess it could be worse. You could have a game where a FISH drowns. This wasn't that great as some of the details could have been better, but it was still playable.