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Gravity based movement

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If you like this, please check out my Sandbox sim. Thanks.
This started out as an experiment, but I thought it looked funny how the elements, each having it's own gravitational field, create the illusion of chasing after eachother. So I added a few features allowing them to eliminate others, growing stronger with each succesful 'assassination'.

It's quite simple:

- Click to add a new element.
- Hold SHIFT & click to add a player element, use
arrow keys to control.
- Hold SPACE to pause.
- The number on each element refers to it's level.

Adding alot of elements will result in something like a battle, where mighty elements might appear from. I'm also aware of the fact that this doesn't make any sense, just use your 'imagination'.

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I'm so glad I found this I've been looking for this game for years!!!

Not bad but a want to see teams in this game like BLUE and RED! RED wants to kill BLUE and BLUE wants to kill RED

This isn't a bad game its just a bit too plain and boring after a while especially if you get one unit above level 20 after that its just spam left click ooh number is bigger.

Pretty good time waster, thanks.

once you get to about 60,you can just make enemies all you want,i just see how long it takes to kill a level 5 with a level 62 thats just drifting along without any controller,it's a fast process.