Reviews for "Gravity based movement"

LOL 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 10;?

I got a guy to level 22; or 220 something and it just kept running and turned the whole screen red then died

Smart and Intellegent

I Could learn what space objects do when gravity pulls them together.

I should listen to this game.

I like it

I find it really fun! find it kinda like an RPG kinda and when you add more that 3 its like maddness!

oh wow

Great game, but after my orb got level 50 it got a phobia for circles with a point on it and ran away (he failed because he just spawned at the other side from the screen), and after level 200 it went beserk, turning in a dark red color and negating any gravity or orbs, so he died by the other small orbs by running right through it.
Still I love gravity, so I love this game


I dont really see what's so special about this game. i thought it was kinda boring