Reviews for "Gravity based movement"

Really fun!

I got like level 150 something xD

Would be awesome if you could build on this :)

Well done! BRAVO! -Clap-

so cool!

when u leave 1 on 1 and theyr far away they circle eachother and one time i screamed GLADIATORS!!!! and the neighbor calld the police... well i think i only got up to 10 or somethhing and fked it up... some 1 help i wanna get to lvl 220 too!


good when u have nothing to do


This game is pretty cool. It gets pretty comical, too. My highest level reached was 245 before it went rampaging around and got killed off by an armada of level 1's and 0's.

pretty sick

but how did you guys manage to level up so high? the highest ive gotten was 14 and it was easily killed by a level 0