Reviews for "Gravity based movement"


wow a lv. 0 defeated a lv. 11!!


After about 100, the collision radius is far bigger than the area that receives damage, making it effectively invincible.
After about 220 it is big enough to be completely ineffective, it's point of damage never on screen for more than a split second, basically fading into background scenery. I have tried to kill it but it cannot die.
I have created God.

Great physics display!

Accurately shows the effects of gravity on items! It's even possible to recreate the solar system! Only thing I'd add is the ability to create static objects and anti-gravity objects, where gravity is reversed. Other than those, perfect!

its so cool

Tip:if you put one thing in the play field,it follows your cursor.


1st i agree with everyone below me....2nd the higher levels should have more "attack" and "health"....3rd there should be like different classes of elemnts...and 4th u should take all these ideas and make a better one