Reviews for "Gravity based movement"

Shakey controls, but fun in the best way

Once I got the hand of using the player controls, I had blast spamming on the forward-key and using the "Meteor Storm" technique. But once I got going, I had a hard time slowing down. It seemed that in every situation, I needed to push a different arrow key to slow down, making a mildly confusing spam-key fest. But overall, I had a blast chasing around the smaller levels, and occasionally the bigger ones. Very nicely done!

i would like a sequel

with more options. like be able to turn on and off whether the mouse has pull, add stationary objects, make elements be able to die or not, close screen or loop, that sorta thing.

anyway, i love this and come back and play it all the time. great time waster.

Levellll up!!

Are you able to level up like the other elements?

This is definitely a good time waster, thanks!!


I MADE A LVL 210 MONSTER then it got killed

also I noticed that when there is only one your mouse a has a pull


i never died