Reviews for "Gravity based movement"


It would be a bit better if when there was only one element that element wouldn't race off randomly.


just some bugs that need to be fixed, like one its passed level 100 it should say 100 and not 10. plus if a level 0 kills a level 5 it should turn level 5, or if a 6 kills a 10 it should turn to 16. really nice game though!!!!!11!!!11!!!!!!one11one!!!!o ne1

"Come here, little man."

This thing is freaking awesome. Seriously, I was at that point where I was level 200, and I felt like that Star Destroyer looking at that tiny little ship going, "Come here, little man. Try and hit me." Then it did.
The only reason I didn't give this a full ten was for two reasons. I didn't like how when a level zero kills something like a level twenty it gains just one. I think there should at least be some kind of average system. to balance that out. I also found the mouse orbiting to be a bit too sensitive. Those are my only two problems with this.
Awesome game.

{funerual music}

220 levels,killed by a 6


good game but 1 prob, when one lower # thing destroys a higher # thing, the lower # one should get the points that the other one earned added on to the lower ones value.

EXAMPLE: level 1 destroys level 3 level one is a level 4