Reviews for "Gravity based movement"


once its level 240 it will just go in one direction forever and when i thought it would be invincible it died by a level 29 or 30


god this is kewl i luv it yay ur good at this


truly lovley game,
from lvl 1-15 = normal behaivior to others
lvl 15-44 = a fear of other objects
lvl 44 = fear of objects, but this time, its phobia reaches out of its range so when i tried to lvl it it charged and just before the tip hits the lvl 0 it turns araund and runs, took me ages to get to 45... ¬¬
45-130 ders a lvl 2 floating about cuz its too afraid to kill it, the only way to lvl now is to pause and make one right in from of the horn


i got so big i exploded
i loved leveling up my own guy,
and trying (and failing) to raise a
computer generated high level thing
very fun game
all im gonna say

healing things

i love how they heal themselves after they destroy another, i use it to save myself when i am trying to get a high level. but when there are no things, it moves arround your cursor, probably because there is nothing else there. it is awesome