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Brunk's Zelda Collection

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Author Comments

Most people think Link's handsome and heroric... Therefore, my interpretation is the complete opposite! He's rude, obnoxious, and ugly!

Instead of making one long episode of a cartoon, I just made several small clips (most about a minute long) and put a few of them into one cartoon. There's two cartoon shorts, plus ONE bonus cartoon!

I drew everything myself. There's more Zelda cartoon shorts like this coming in the future, so stay tuned!

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Not a bad movie.

Not exactly top-quality animation, but it's still pretty enjoyable and kinda funny. However, I think it'd probably be a bit funnier if the animation was a bit better. The art is great, but often times, I get the impression that you got lazy. I say this because you drew pretty much everything (body parts, etc) once, and just tweened those. But regardless, good to watch. My favorite short was the graveyard one.


I watch this and it's very boring, also that Link is ugly alot.


hey, jacko11223344, that's why it's called a parody. IT WAS VERY SWEET!!!


Link sounds like a fucking crackhead when he laughs.

Ok that was actually funny the runningman cool

Why not make a super smash bros one where he joins the nintendo heros and battle playstation and xbox characters. I kill to see that happen really.