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Reviews for "Brunk's Zelda Collection"

lol, the redeads were funny..

My favorite was the "spooked" one. The redeads were drawn pretty good. great flash!

nice work

that was tthe friggen bomb!

that was AWESOME

man his laugh is the shiznit man the ghost busters thing that was damn funny but nuffin beats that laugh


I like it, especialy that easter egg. Nice animations, the music is good and the voice of link goes with the character. How about making a movie of sonic, I think that would be funny to.

just like ur other series

tht was great like ur other series.

like ur porygon2, and mewtwo, I hade a lv. 100 pokemon.
my altaria... and swampert. those were my 2 strongest pokemon...

sorry for tht.

so are u working on more brunk's pokemon, brunks watever?