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Reviews for "Brunk's Zelda Collection"

No... just no...

I'm sorry. I may be getting a little personal, but I really didn't like it. Eh, it was sorta funny, but the idea of Link being a retarded hick does not fit well with me. Also, the running man did NOT look like he was running.... I dunno WHAT he was doing. If you did that on purpose, I didn't find it funny.


that was weird but funny
Oh yeah check out the walls in the dungeon in Spooked and you wll find something rather special and highly amusing.....no its not porno.


very nice subliminal messageing in the columns on spooked, talking about how you can kick with a hammer. and the carmina buruna on the egg (song) is nice

great XD

Its a long time since i saw this for the first time, so i felt like making a short review :).

I just love the voice acting, especially links voice, and laughter :D.
And making Link ugly was a good idea :P.
and i love the humour XD.

Ok, so this wasnt really a review, just a summing up on what i liked the most :P.


dude, you must be real jelous! it's not his fault he was born hot! I would of liked this flash alot better is if you made him good looking but make him retarded at the same time! but overall, that flash was pretty funny^^