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Reviews for "Brunk's Zelda Collection"

not bad

the drawings were really good and it was entertaining.

I got a question

When the running man gets shot with an arrow, the music plays for about 2 seconds and then there is this sound effect that I have never had any idea what significance the sound effect is supposed to have, yet it is in just about every cartoon. What is the sound effect?

Very decent piece of work.

Nice drawings but the author made Link too ugly! (Unless that was their intention.) I suggest that the author make Link be pretty like Orlando Bloom as "Legolas" from "Lord of the Rings" should the author ever decide to make this. Nice cameo appearance of "Slimer
" from "Ghostbusters" and just a message to everyone viewing this, in "Spooked" it is possible to read the writing on the wall (although I strongly recommend that it isn't read.) Overall though, this is a good piece of work.)

von-Brunk responds:

I purposely made Link the exact opposite of how people see him: Handsome, noble, and heroic. I get sick of girls talking about how cute he is in the game, so I decided to make him more annoying, creepy, and irritating looking.

As for the message, I wanted to simulate the hiroglyphics in the Kakariko grave dungeons, so I used a Japanese-esque font and spelled out a random non-sensical message about kicking people in the nuts.

This was pretty good

I would call this a pertty good flash. I expected less actually, those submissions that have like a couple of short cartoons are usually not that good. This was one of the better in my opinion. Still, you need to improve on a couple of things. Also, I think you should add a couple of things to make this even better.

First of all, the drawing could use a little improvement. They weren't really that bad though, they were actually pretty good, but if you want to get an even higher score, you have to draw a little bit better. Second, the 3 cartoons were kinda short. A minute for every cartoon is not really that long and I even doubt if they all are one minute. You could either make the movies a bit longer, you know add some extra scenes and all that or you could add some more cartoons. I saw that you were planning to make more of these kind of movies, so I hope there will be more to watch there. Third, well it's not really that important, but the menu screen could use some music maybe. You don't have to add that, it would just be a nice extra thing.

Anyway, overall I'd give this 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. I think you've done pretty well here, could be a bit better, but it was a pretty good submission. Well I've seen that you were planning to make some more of these in the future. I'll keep an eye out for them. Keep up the good work and good luck with making the movies.


von-Brunk responds:

I actually wrote and began animating several other shorts, but I wanted this to be a small file. Plus, this cartoon collection itself was beginning to lag in Flash MX 2004 (due to lots of content and wav files) when I finished making it, so a few cartoons were cut. They'll be in the next Brunk Zelda Collection.

That could've been any series

The only reason this got above a two was because it had the Z name in it. You could've thrown in any series and it still would've ended up the same. If this actually used original characters, it probably would've been blammed or close to it.

von-Brunk responds:

It could've ended up the same?

Riiight. Zelda is the only popular game I can think of featuring a character who pushes open tombstones to reveal ghosts and grottos... It's also the only game I can think of with a man who runs laps around the main level for no reason.

Alright, let's say I made three cartoons using the same exact plot as the ones you saw, only with ORIGINAL or non-Zelda characters instead? I bet you'd go apeshit and label this as a blatent rip-off of aspects from Zelda!

Oh yeah, nice little "blammed or close to it" remark, seeing how by the time you wrote this review, my cartoon made it past judgement with a score above 3.

Wow, you're a sharp one, aren't you!?