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Reviews for "Brunk's Zelda Collection"

Hated it

Hated except for that part where the zombie things (forget what they were called) were dancing that part was funny

von-Brunk responds:

You "hated it", yet you show a pretty strong interest for the segment in "SPOOOKED!!"... ? My guess is that you enjoyed every little thing about this animation. Admit it. You liked Link's laugh. You chuckled when the Running Man fell over in a state of pain. Your sides split in two upon seeing a Kokiri kid choke to death on a drumstick.


I don't like it it so lame

von-Brunk responds:

Too bad lots of people think otherwise. Hell, look at the score!


Dude you made link look like an ass. Still it was pretty good.

Oh, God!!!!!

I was Rofl when when the dancing zombie guys came. Ah, too much. Good Work.

I luv uuu!

The laugh! it haunts me with its joyous retardedness!