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Reviews for "Brunk's Zelda Collection"


well i guess you know more of drawing than me.. but still the character's movementrs were not smooth. some sounds were used where they werent meant to....

links face is somewhat fuunny. but nit THAT much.


I only liked the spooked one xD

Ummm... I am slightly confused but amused

Well I liked the second skit more, it was actually pretty funny, but why the hell does Link look like a retard?

wat the hell is this.

its the most vile peace shit ive ever layed my eyez on. u make link look bad also how could u make such a boring video. wat the hell does zelda hav to do with eating chiken. i would rather .................................... im not even goanna go there. go bury ur self 1,000 feet in the ground and dont come out. o yea i want authors responce plz.