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Reviews for "Brunk's Zelda Collection"


good way to make fun of link, if only u made it longer i would have gave u a bigger score

A pyschotic Link is enjoyed by everyone!

I loved the demented laugh of Link! The slow-mo of the running guy going down! The chicken guy choking on his chicken! The Re-
Deads partying! That was a cool song by the way, and of course my favorite of your work, Malon's mellons! lol, bravo man!


This was great. I love the references to such random parts of the game. The animation was wonderful.

twas good

yes, was good, liked 'spooked' but the first was just silly, he he, i think it would have been better if u had spent more time on the actual characters, than the scenery and ur logo, it wouldve been better

I liked this!

WOO! you done good Mr.Baron von Brunk! I loved the running man part! where'd you get the music for that part? Although, link's laugh is Kind of kreepy...and may I ask exactly HOW you kick with a hammer? (yes I DID read that!)So to sum it up-U are totally awesome, and I look forward to seeing more stuff like this from u!
your friend,
Taria TRP

von-Brunk responds:

Which music? First it plays the overworld theme from Hyrule Field, only slightly sped up for comical value. When it goes in slow motion and the running man is struck down, the song playing is "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff.