FlashTrek: Broken Mirror

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A Star Trek based arcade/strategy game. Select a race, engage in commerce, combat, and exploration, buy and sell ships, weapons and technology, colonize planets and build stations to create an empire (or help another empire grow). Visit vexxiang.com for the full game manual, plug-ins, and updates of any bugs that arise. Special thanks to the dozens of beta testers who have been tirelessly testing this game for nearly a year.

May lag on slower computers. (UPDATED 5/24)

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So this was a fun game I really like the idea of this game and the idea that this is a classic and can still bring in some fun as you did here I think you could even ad some medals to this nifty game but it's an old classic not sure you still work on these but regardless this was a fun and entertaining game here I really like the idea of this though and hope to see more from you sometime

Really no changes needed on such a classic game


I remember playing this back when I was in high school about a decade ago. It's been a real nostalgia trip to play it again!

Unfortunately, and I don't know if this is because of bugs here or bugs that were always there (because I never successfully built up large fleets) I've noticed that I can't buy/build any more ships after a certain point. I don't know what the problem is, because I have more than enough money and resources to afford them. I don't think this will be updated, given the age of the game, but just thought I'd note my issue.

It's a good game. The only problem is my stations keep disappearing every time I build them.

Overall, this game is what I would want it to be, or very close.

It has some notable bugs though, and difficulties with game mechanics:
1) The seek and destroy button tells the fleet to gather at the planet. Makes it impossible to get a fleet attack going.
2) The select nearest ship will pick a friendly also.
3) if you scroll the mouse wheel while in battle, the page goes up, making it hard to see the battle that is off screen. No full screen mode.
4) Visibility is of a very close area, enemies frequently fire from off screen.
5) First time I played, I didn't realize I was buying plans for system buildings, and bought multiples of habitats and mining stations. This lead to errors of them not starting construction properly, leading me to have to restart the game.
6) No option to enter name, etc, when I restarted. All planets I owned had blank for owner name, leading to confusions.
7) A couple systems said I was there when I tried to warp to them from close by systems. Cargo missions were not deliverable there, and had to be dropped.
8) The commands to follow the flagship or stay in a system seem to be ordered at the fleet level, making it hard to place ships to defend a specific system.
9) Only 8 ships could be issued orders at a time, even when many more were in system.
10) After purchasing ships from another empire, some ships would often not follow the flag ship when warping out.
11) Having to tell the fleet to follow the flagship before every warp.

I would like to have seen the crew skills come into play a bit more in tangible ways.
Near as I could tell, you just train up navigation to 100 so you can enter nebula, similar for away teams and inhabiting planets.

I would like to have seen some indication as to where war zones were that news mentioned.
Red circle around the planets on the jump map would have helped.

Text was overall hard to read, and important news (completion of system structures, etc) be logged for reference. When window was full, the scroll down didn't work to be able to see all details.

Strategy games are not for everyone but this one was quality

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4.51 / 5.00

May 21, 2005
3:54 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place May 22, 2005